It showcases a pair of asymmetrical lenses

This sunglasses is yet another fresh item, and has just recently been available in the market. I think that this glass is a cool combination Ray Ban Sunglasses of a lot of eyewear designs. This GG 1622/S sunglasses is a mixture of shield and navigator designs.

The semi-rimless frame is mounted with the help of two thin metal temples that has butterfly stone-encrusted ornament. You can purchase it in black, bronze, and silver.This eyewear is the type that is conservative, sunglasses on sale modern and gorgeous all at the same time.

Although this eyewear has quite a masculine style, Charlize is able to pull it off since she is portraying a tough woman role. This sunglasses is appropriate if you’re on your way to outdoor activities like airsoft, paintball or even just running laps in the park.

This time though, the brand showcases a retro sunglasses that I think resembles Persol sunglasses. It may have been slightly inspired by Persol trademark design, but Tom Ford innovated the sunglasses and named it Armani sunglasses Amaud TF97.

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