Seeing Katie Price wearing it

These glasses definitely have a kick-ass appeal. My friend bought herself one online after seeing Katie Price wearing it, and I was immediately smitten Ray ban sunglasses when I saw her donning it! Bitter as I may be now, I just had to share this with you guys!

It may have been slightly inspired by Persol trademark design, but Tom Ford innovated the sunglasses and named it Amaud TF97. Chole Sunglasses This sunglasses represent a modern and retro style. It comes in pairs of oval light-shaded lenses.

Although this eyewear has quite a masculine style, Charlize is able to pull it off since she is portraying a tough woman role. This sunglasses is appropriate if you’re on your way to outdoor activities like airsoft, paintball or even just running laps in the park.

Thus, if you are after a pair of kick ass but classy sunglasses, both spectrums of those fashion tastes can be found in this sunglasses. Mens Oakley Sunglasses Gucci 2772 is sporting a rimless shield single lens. Its bridge metal bar is floating in front of the lens while the nose pads are hidden behind the lens.

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