Drooling about is the Roberto Cavalli 299S

It is the aviator style with an elegant design. This is ideal for men and women who want a distinctive and elegant look. The Mens Oakley Sunglasses Roberto Cavalli 299S Cercione is a made of metal materials. It has big aviator-shaped lenses with special coatings for UV protection and style. It is encased in thin metal wires.

Unfortunately, these limited edition pair is pretty hard to find as it has been already sold out; unless you find a trustworthy seller Armani sunglasses  online and be able to buy it for more than the original price.

I must say he still kick ass at his age, especially with this sunglasses! It looks good on men who know how to accessorize. This design has a bit classic and gothic appearance making it just one of a kind. This Justin model by Loree Rodkin has semi-rectangular shaped lenses that are specially coated for UV protection and style.

But if you ask me which one I like better, I’d probably say this Cazal 616 because of its unique little details and scarcity.This Oakley Sunglasses Store is made in West Germany with metal materials to ensure high quality product. The navigator-shaped lenses are encased with 3D front frames.

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