The song is DOPE, the video is fun

Avail-able in a black, olive, and a lovelylim-ited edi-tion chino colour, the can-vas plat-bureaucracywith braided rope trim Chole Sunglasses are per-fect for snow-less days, should you’re brave enough to take a look on them out at the salty streets!

Get them online at Kar-maloop,?the exclu-sive retailer of the lim-ited edi-tion chino colour certain to take you into the spring sum-mer sea-son with the fresh?espadrille?like trim on the bot-tom.Fab-u-lous Cana-dian pub-li-ca-tion clotheto Kill Mag-a-zine cap-tures the del-i-cate great thing about model Jeanne Bouchard this month.

If only we didn’t live in snowy Canada, some-where where the roads were freed from shoe-ruining-slush,?because? sunglasses on sale we’d def-i-nitely be run-ning around town within the se incred-i-ble Jef-frey Camp-bell Har-low Cutout Wedges with cute knee socks and pos-si-bly a skirt underthe knee (gasp).

I lit-er-ally simplystum-bled upin this track, watched it, and fell in love! The song is DOPE, the video is fun, and that it fea-tures three remark-ably tal-ented artists all doing their remark-ably tal-ented thing. take a look at Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” Won-dacombinefea-tur-ing Lupe Mens Oakley Sunglasses Fiasco and BoB.

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